Venetian Rowing Lesson

Before your lesson we will briefly explain the history of our boats, the traditional "Batele a coa de gambero". In the past they were widely used but now they are rare, they are perfect for a first approach to this activity, they are in fact very spacious and stable.

  • All lessons are private
  • Lessons last 80 minutes
  • The total cost per boat is €100 for 1 or 2 people, €130 for 3 and €150 for 4. The cost for more than 10 people is €40 each. (The cost is calculated based on the number of people on board, whether rowing or sitting.)
  • A group of 5 people can book two boats, or we have a larger boat available only for groups of 5; the cost is €220.
  • We guarantee lessons in Italian and English, but lessons in French, German and Spanish are also available, based on the availability of the instructors.
  • We recommend appropriate clothing: comfortable shoes, possibly trainers, sports clothes. Bring water and a hat with you in case of particularly hot days